Wednesday, March 13, 2013

graphic Novel

I together with other artist planning to draw graphic novel. As i'm novice in this and don't know what audience wants i'm asking you. There are three stories with characters. Franceska and Olivia, Valentina and Pikachu-boy. Franceska and Olivia story probably will be in retrofuturistic universe, probably won't contain many drama and plot won't be tied on their gender identity. It will be adventure story (unexpectedly, huh?) Second character and second story is Valentina. It will be drama with porn elements, nothing fantastic and flying cats. Story tells about a tough life of prostitute named Valentina or Valentine. Third story about pikachu-boy (not named yet) is shota-hentai without any normal plot.
You can vote for characters on the right.

Francheska and Olivia:




  1. Is Valentina inspired by Valentina of Guido Crepax?

  2. Gods so difficult to choose, they're all so sexy :)

  3. Hi,
    any thoughts on desired story outcome? Happy-end included? Or emotional shaker instead? Passionate, deeper thought of story with two life battered characters that reader/viewer might feel connected with perhaps? One of real world, never understood chaotic type, who is seen by society as cheerful extrovert, but thinks of her/him-self as by society disappointed introvert and other, true love of our character, that she/he can only meet in dreamworld? True love, surreally real, that is impossible to fulfill yet bears kind of ying/yang drop of possibility in vastness of nothingness...

  4. A story of a trans prostitute and the difficulty of life as such, would be very nice. Keep up the good work! <3!

    1. History will not be on the transsexual. This shotakon-story.

  5. if your still taking these i like Franceska and Olivia or Valentina i wouldn't care much for pikachu-boy. but since you your self dont like Francheska and Olivia why would you draw them, i feel if your drawling something that you dont want to it becomes a job more then a hobby and your work will show it haha. so my vote will go to what every story you will have the most pleasure doing :)