Monday, July 8, 2013

Election debates. Day 2.

His story in shotacon genre. It will contain a lot of hentai and very 

little plot.

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  1. well, Ulrik. You know I love them all. My thinking is you decide what you like best. Of course, my thinking is: do all of them. I realize that is HUGE and difficult to accomplish.

    I think Valentina, her life, she has more plot?, is my first choice, (maybe, however? maybe?) How did she get to where she is now in life? How hard is her life?

    And the perv-girl in me just adores F & O - they are so pretty.

    Pikachu? shivers of feeling - how can anyone avoid that feeling?

    So I am a lousy decider.
    See? Just a fan, I am. Which is why I say: you choose. Feel your subject and we all will love whatever you draw/paint/design.