Friday, October 25, 2013

How I colorize black&white image

1. Layer "color" add core colors. At first they will be dull.
2. Layer "selectivecolor" selectively changes some mage tones. In this stage I do red tints brighter.
3. On the empty layer in the normal mode I'm correcting image with a default brush. I'm adding what was lost while colors were added (huge drawback of black&white drawing)
4. On the mask of new layer "selectivecolor" I'm selectively changing colors where I think it is needed.

5. This tool will increase or decrease saturation where you need it. It's make picture likelive.
6. Layer-mask "Photo filter" helps you to change the tone, for example, only for lights or shadows.
7. I often use this layer. It's indescribable. Just try it and you will want more.
8. Trying to achieve the harmony with another layer "selectivecolor".
9. Empty layer without blending mode and with default brushes for correcting what I lost was lost while colors were added
10. Layer "Photo filter" again.

11. And again, the correcting layer ... I often use layer "vibrance" but there are not necessary creepy things and bright colors in here.
So I came to the conclusion thet trying to colorize black&white picture I lose details, definition, naturalness of colours and lights. Advantages of this method are the scope and depth of the image.

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