Thursday, October 1, 2015


Hello. I’m starting my blog about comics. I’ll start from the beginning.
One day I accepted the challenge and decided to draw comics. I wanted to draw porn comics and started the poll with the characters. I was very confident.
The poll lasted for a year. During this time I have redefined the concept of comics and decided to do a story through which I can tell about everything I think. Post-apocalyptic Earth became the background of the story. It came by itself.
First character appeared through my hellish suffering. His appearance and face changed constantly (until today). And all of it was wrong. It was Valentine. Now her (or his) concept is ready (I hope). This is the very first version of her (or his) appearance.
My specialty is pornographic pictures with futanari, traps or young feminine boys. So Valentine was some kind of trap. It seemed to me that the image of mushy trap is not tragic enough and too sexualized. It was a head-on solution to make very pretty trap and enjoy the fact that everyone likes him. I decided to do it more difficult and made him a little more complex character. And I was too carried away by the process. This is one of the first concept of Valentine.
This picture has a fragment of NSFW. If you want to see the whole picture please welcome to my Pixiv.

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