Friday, April 1, 2016


Posting old works gets on my nerves. All of them are outdated, the technical side can’t but strike the eye.
I’d like to say a couple of words about self-harm. If you noticed one of your loved ones doing it, don’t yell, don’t try to blackmail them into giving it up, don’t try to blame and belittle them. It simply doesn’t work with auto-aggression. You’ll set the person on to commit a suicide. The best outcome will be him/her ceasing to trust you. Just try to hear this person out, even if you hate “cry-babies” and consider such behavior unforgivable (in such case you are an asshole).
Self-harm isn’t an attempt to draw attention. More often than not the harmed body parts are hidden under the clothes. This is a call for help, that may be addressed to you. That’s why we can’t say it’s the attention for the sake of attention. Often it is nothing but self-aggression.

If you hurt yourself, you should learn more about that. You don’t have to fight it or be ashamed of it. Try to find help someplace you haven’t looked for it yet. If you are not ready to quit it, because it is the only thing that can calm you down, then be sure to treat your wounds, have a lot of antiseptics around. Look for help. Those, who have the same problem can understand you. Try to find those, who managed to overcome this. 

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  1. this is beautiful and terrible and sad all at once. you need to have an exhibition of your work.