Thursday, July 7, 2016

Vera 2.0

Hi. I got around to bold Vera.
Lately I’m thinking of adding Slavic occult into this character. Tin Can Forest really influences me, but there’s nowhere to put my inspiration. This is the very first illustration with Vera. Almost nothing changed but the clothes.
Combination of a robot and the occult seems strange. But it would be awesome if Vera sent us to Slavic fairy-tales once in a while. I haven’t yet decided how. But I’ll most definitely put him in a vyshyvanka. Vera is my attitude to the world situation. Maybe a little too obvious sometimes. But I can’t do subtle yet.
Vera is a controversial character, and he was the last to appear. I disastrously lacked fan service and I decided  to delve into old pictures to search for someone suitable. And there I found this picture It’s an elf in a company of a female orc.Vera’s orc is Reggie. I’ve written about them before. I’ll just cite myself:
Vera is the only character who indicates that the events take place in the future. Vera is a robot. And not just a robot, but a robot-waifu. Perfect face with holes in all the right places, heavy duty. His cyberskin can be easily repaired, he looks as close to a human as possible. The only thing that gives him away are small horns.
Moreover, Vera is from a limited ‘ladyboy edition’ line-up… I’m sure you get it.
But Reggie didn’t buy this Vera issue for fun.
He upgraded Vera’s firmware and send him on a quest to return something lost. Which is a perfect task for Vera considering her durability (I think it’s awesome, no? The most durable robots are for fucking. It’s funny, come on, laugh!)

During her trip Vera realizes that this body is not her first, and she had lived many lives in other robo-bodies. She tries to learn who she is and who Reggie is.
There’s a Pininterest board for Vera, visit it So I had an idea. While I don’t do anything to increase passive earnings, comic is standing still and doesn’t even begin. And it doesn’t begin because I’m slow and sometimes I burn with enthusiasm and then it fades. So I’ve decided to draw strips for this universe. The strips won’t be related to the plot or will be written considering the plot. Like it happened there somewhere but didn’t fit into the main story. Everyone will be happy. And someday I’ll start a full-fledged comic, maybe I’ll need a co-author. And maybe not, I was born a lone wolf. Hentai strips are always welcome. Vera wishes me luck in this endeavor:
Пост на русском

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