Friday, August 5, 2016

While I Still Remember

I wouldn’t want to meet myself from 2014 after this. But…
I was sitting here, thinking over some moments and realized that even with the Rustfiends strips realistic style won’t work. It’s inexpressive, adds unnecessary seriousness to the proceedings, and it’s even SOMEWHAT spoils some cliffhangers. But the main thing is it’s so time-consuming and boring that I might lose all the enthusiasm.
Maybe my discovery will help someone not to invent a square wheel: so, ask yourself, what’s the main goal of a novel, comic or even a strip? Sometimes it’s not the story at all. It’s just an amazing artist and the point is to admire style and skill. I’m gonna say a douchbaggy thing, but many people can’t multitask. They can’t see anything behind an exceptional drawing, or read the story incorrectly, and it’s normal. When content, both professional and not so much, is everywhere, it’s important to get rid of excessive movements. Because you just don’t have enough time. Often content quickly loses relevance. If your forte is skill, then you can spend as much time as you want on pages, like Riccardo Federici. First, I’m no Riccardo, second, I finally determined the goal. And realistic faces will make it harder to create the right impression. You know what I mean.
Well, I’d write something on how old-fashioned it is to be realistic (in every meaning of the word) in our post-modern times. Style also tells a story and creates mood, for example, could Blame! been drawn differently? It could’ve been, but the effect would be different. Or Maus. What would happen if they were drawn differently? It’d been a totally different comic and a different story. It’s common knowledge, but often me and other people who haven’t drawn comics professionally, step on a rake and start writing a story in a style they like, not in a style that works. I was lucky to realize the necessity of trying out, and I drew some small comics to understand how it works. I still can’t do panels and general composition.
I came to a conclusion that I need to simplify, because I don’t have much free time, enthusiasm, resources, and the goal won’t be reached if I try too hard. I determined the target audience, the mood, the main things in the novella (and now in the strips) – all of these sets the rules for me. I’m not really a fan of seriousness, deep talks to the audience, etc. I think pretentiousness in my line is work is extremely vulgar
Let me explain what’s happening in the pictures. Many people with their own universes – from OCs with horns and red skin to professional comic creators – know how would their character look if it was flesh and blood. I once created models of all my characters to visualize them and to be able to see their faces from different angles. Model heads are just simplifications and are nothing more than a reference. In the past, I replicated the faces when I was drawing them in editors, which was boring and left nothing for the imagination – and everyone likes to image, especially me.
Vera (the top row): I exaggerated some features a little, for example, lips, eye angle, cheekbones — these are the features that I wanted to emphasize. The bottom part of the face protrudes forward, small nose, etc. The face should create an impression of someone bold, cunning, but he’s also a sex robot, so he was created to be deliberately sexy. Valentine is completely different, he’s naïve and simple. In the sketch his cuteness is exaggerated almost to the point of absurdity. He has enormous naïve eyes and small mouth, and his face is naïve and child-like. Valentine as a whole is naïve and child-like. It’s hard to emphasize this when you draw them realistically by copying model features. So, this is what I wanted to tell myself from 2014.
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