Sunday, December 25, 2016

One more version of Valentine.


...I’ve changed Valentine’s concept again. I’ve been doing it lately cause I couldn’t stay satisfied with it, but now I have some more reasons. To tell you the truth I haven’t been doing anything about Rustfiends in 2016 at aaalll. It was planned kek. Because there’s other things to do.
The first reason why I decided to change the concept is that another character held the stage. Feedback showed it all. Everyone noticed Vera, but not too many people noticed Valentine. Though it shouldn’t be like this.
I’ve got a femboy, what do I need another one for? Moreover a low-key and an elusive one? The thing that Valentine has been redesigned a thousand times played it role and it was hard to remember him. After all, none of his appearances fit him. The ones that want to see a femboy - there’s Vera.
In addition, Vera is more legal, and now that’s a second reason why I wanted to change everything again. I’ve already made up my mind how I’m going to avoid obvious scenes with Valentine cause with every new appearance he looked younger and younger until he became looking too young.
It had some spice and drama, but the desire to make him legal outweighed, so I could make explicit porn.
My country has changed the legislation regards drawn and filmed porn and now if I want to work on the russian audience I have to adapt the characters. And the old version of Valentine looks too provocative in the story. So we’ve got a femboy and can’t put him in porn. What do we do with you, Valentine?

Now a little digression.
I had some characters that I eventually excluded from the story. It was a manly beardy guy over 40yo and a young dude. A veery swet dude, but not like the ones I draw now. It was tru gay stuff. Ever since I excluded them I felt the lack of material like that. It would’ve been so diverse, huh? Well, I revived this young guy in new version of Valentine.
This is also one more reason of all these changes.
Now Valentine is a young guy. He’s 18 and wears short pants.
I’m kinda making up heads to create the appearances, references ect. The heads are quite realistic, but as I’ve mentioned before, the comic will be a little bit stylized (no, not what is below the heads, think of it as of infographics).
I felt the lack of a sweet tender boy so I made one. Along with appearance I changed the attitude and background. Now he’s shy and modest. I think that’s sexy. It was important to make Valentine appealing to me firstly, and for some reason I couldn’t make that happen. I thought that when I put the kawaii-ness to the max I’d be satisfied, but I wasn’t. It’s not cute anymore. As when I was getting familiar with the character of the month (the thing I draw for patrons every month) Saika Totsuka, I thought it was just overloaded with cuteness so it pushes away.
And the main reason is that I’m going going to work with the russian-speaking audience so I might create a public page and begin putting my shit together in 2017.

To sum up. I wanted a tragical tender guy and here it is. He’s still in love with John Doe (so gay). He’s got wavy dark hair and long legs, just like we love it. Now it’s a girly plot line... nya.

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