Monday, March 18, 2013


I've been thinking it over and I decided to remind, that i like shotacon. I don't like futanari, but it is a job. Everybody loves futanari nowadays. I have nothing but futanari commisions, and not only me. 
It is very popular today, it is as popular as someday furry was.
I don't like futanari, i mean i'm indifferent to it. I don't like yaoi and bara. I like shotacon and guro.
Gelboroo administrators deems that 2d-trap is a shota in women's clothes. Perhaps I accept their rules even they don't work in my 3d reality.

This picture was a gift for one of my subscribers due to contest "First person who asks... etc." Generally this is Maria Shidou.

PS: So I'd be upset if you guys choose Franceska and Olivia.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

graphic Novel

I together with other artist planning to draw graphic novel. As i'm novice in this and don't know what audience wants i'm asking you. There are three stories with characters. Franceska and Olivia, Valentina and Pikachu-boy. Franceska and Olivia story probably will be in retrofuturistic universe, probably won't contain many drama and plot won't be tied on their gender identity. It will be adventure story (unexpectedly, huh?) Second character and second story is Valentina. It will be drama with porn elements, nothing fantastic and flying cats. Story tells about a tough life of prostitute named Valentina or Valentine. Third story about pikachu-boy (not named yet) is shota-hentai without any normal plot.
You can vote for characters on the right.

Francheska and Olivia: