Monday, November 10, 2014


My main genres are hentai and erotica (but I get requests for ordinary art last time and I don't deny them. I'm big fan of shotacon. But this is just my references. I work in any directions in hentai genre from yaoi till standart porn. You can ask anything you want.

My prices depends of what do you want to see. There are prices for full commission.

 One charater without background +90$, additional character +30$, background +40$(+10$). That one is full colored and very high detailed picture. example example example
Any portrait will be cost 90$. example example example

If you wrote me a mail and I didn't answer, write me again please. I can lose your messages. Sometimes your messages goes into spam folder. It's rarely happens, but it happens. So if you didn't get the answer, write me again.I answer for e-mails slowly, because translations takes a lot of time. My apologies.

I'd like if you can add description for commision in the first message. So I can see what you want and right away tell you the price.
If you don't specify a background I just draw it simple (10$). Sometimes people asks for simple background because of the price. While working I can understand that the more detailed background is required. If it so I don't take extra charge and never change the initial price. My personal fixes never affect the budget.
Your characters should be feminized enough or don't have specific age, so I can draw them without defying the law.)

How to calculate commission price:

There are some things I will not draw:
1. Famous people or actors participating in pornographic scenes.
2. Сhildrens participating in pornographic scenes.
2. I don't want to draw ponies at porno scenes or drawing ponies at all.

I'm going back to lolicon and shotacon. Weeee! -It shouldn't be characters whose age is known. I continue to work with OC and characters whose age is unknown. For example, it could be thousand years old elves.

-All girls should have their breasts and genitals covered, boys should have covered genitals too. They may have hyper erotic pose, but their genitals must be covered, clothes shouldn't be translucent, and erected penises are not showed. There only unerected penis may be in the pants.

-Images of penises, vaginas, tits or anuses are not allowed even if they aren't belong to the young characters.

-There could be some objects for simulation of any sexual actions. For example, character sucks phallic lolipop. It's a simple example.

-Babies and little children are not allowed. Characters have to be late teen age. If you're customer, you have to take care about character in the picture reached the age of consent in your country.

-I note that I can draw character of any age if we are not talking about erotic. It can be as very easy erotic as pin-up.

-If you still need a hardcore porn with shota and loli, look at my pricelist, count how much it will cost and multiply by two so I can hire a good lawyer and compensate time for a private job. 

How to pay:
I draw a sketch, show it to you. You make your suggestions or confirm the sketch. After that, you should pay 50%. When I get the money, I continue to work. You can ask how work is going anytime or ask any questions about it. When work is done I inform you. Now you should pay the rest and I send you finished picture. Until you pay the rest you can ask for a preview... but only if you don't like surprises and want to spoil the impression.
Payment via PAYPAL only.

contact me:


Monday, August 25, 2014

Hello. People often ask me am I dissapeared. I didn't publish anything over half a year. It's because I'm trying to work on comics. I have a lot of work. I never worked so hard before. I was going to start to post recent pictures to the Internet but the policy of some sites tightened and now I can't post some content there. The only place where I can go now is Pixiv. If you want to see the works of a certain content (we all understand what I'm talking about, doesn't we?) so you can register in the Pixiv (otherwise p-18 content will be hidden) and add me there . I'd be happy if you add me there because I don't want to change my way, I really love it and I'll be upset if you will lose sight of me again. You all know you can't just google this type of content and generally it's a controversial subject which is really better to be hidden. Therefore let's respect the feelings of pussies on the internet.
Also, I recommend you to subscribe to my twitter. I used to use facebook for publishing news, but fb can't stand links to porno (even tits) too. So you can see the links to absolutely everything and cerainly won't lose me. And I also won't lose you.
Recommend you to subscribe there
I will remind about this yet again soon.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

This is my new tumblr. Support don't respond to me so I had to make new one. Due to new strange tumblr policy I don't

think that I will need tumblr again. So I decided to use this account for hentai, sketches, doodles and other hentai

related pics. Also, I'll probably use this as a personal blog and you will see photos of my cute kitties. I won't be

able to post all my works in the tumblr. Abuse bot is so uncontrollable sometimes so he ban all blogs in a row,

especially if it has many followers. So I can't be sure I won't be banned again.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

commission (November)

tera, hentai, rule 34, futanari, futa, tera 34


Hello. I have some news for you.
Long continued poll come to the end. Valentina has won. But since the march of last year (when poll was started) my interests and wishes has changed. I promised the comics. I'll keep one's promise, but I'll change the plot. I mean changes are pretty big. It's post-apocalyptic dystopia now. But I promised Valentina, so she's one of main characters.

I don't think plot is so cool. It's just retrofuturistic madness with tits, power girls... and Valentina. I don't think that you'll be dissapointed. There also will be hentai issues.
Another news. I just started to make my official page. There will be complete gallery, doodles, print selling and maybe some holiday postcards. These are my plans.
This idea I've got after I was banned on tumblr and this is my third news. If anyone succeeded getting unbanned in tumblr let me know please)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Edgar Allan Poe

Ah, broken is the golden bowl! the spirit flown forever!

Let the bell toll!- a saintly soul floats on the Stygian river;
And, Guy de Vere, hast thou no tear?- weep now or nevermore!
See! on yon drear and rigid bier low lies thy love, Lenore!
Come! let the burial rite be read- the funeral song be sung!-
An anthem for the queenliest dead that ever died so young-
A dirge for her the doubly dead in that she died so young.
"Wretches! ye loved her for her wealth and hated her for her pride,
And when she fell in feeble health, ye blessed her- that she died!
How shall the ritual, then, be read?- the requiem how be sung
By you- by yours, the evil eye,- by yours, the slanderous tongue
That did to death the innocence that died, and died so young?"
Peccavimus; but rave not thus! and let a Sabbath song
Go up to God so solemnly the dead may feel no wrong.
The sweet Lenore hath "gone before," with Hope, that flew beside,
Leaving thee wild for the dear child that should have been thy
For her, the fair and debonair, that now so lowly lies,
The life upon her yellow hair but not within her eyes
The life still there, upon her hair- the death upon her eyes.
"Avaunt! avaunt! from fiends below, the indignant ghost is riven-
From Hell unto a high estate far up within the Heaven-
From grief and groan, to a golden throne, beside the King of
Let no bell toll, then,- lest her soul, amid its hallowed mirth,
Should catch the note as it doth float up from the damned Earth!
And I!- to-night my heart is light!- no dirge will I upraise,
But waft the angel on her flight with a Paean of old days!"