Wednesday, November 11, 2015


When I thought about the composition of the characters I made them based on some clichés. Because it’s fun to use clichés. What I noted for myself at the time it’s the fact that I shouldn’t be totally serious. But the first composition of the characters was indecent serious.
Charlotte, a woman tank, lonely road warrior and the legend of the wasteland, the terror of all post-apocalyptic people.
Valentine (it was he, not she at the time and she had face of Ellen Page haha). She served as an engineer and concurrently she was a moe.
John Doe is a handsome guy who lost his memory and later his mind. Losing memory… it is so banal.
Betty wasn’t well considered character based on my friend.
A woman with no legs who had mechanical animal legs, but she mostly was in a wheelchair. I think now that it was great that I decided to add disabled character. But I couldn’t cope significant description of the life without legs and also I couldn’t do that with humor and avoiding triggers. Besides, I rejected the idea of doing this comics too dramatic and decided to do it more trashy. It should be outrageous to the limit so it wouldn’t be vulgar.
After conversation with a friend I decided to put someone completely insane and real scumbag to the comics. Woman with mechanical legs was replaced to the… MADISON.
At first this character looked like this. It was the concept of the concept. She’s quite marginal subject and eventually it turned out that the most recent added character has become the key character.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Hi there. I'm an artist. This page contains information on how to take commission.
I draw porn, comics.
Update 6 November 2015
From today and for an indefinite period I only accept commissions with femboy which are NSFW . This does not include futanari, young men 20+ y.o. (twinks), shotacon and babycon (where characters are very young children).
They should be feminine boys, androgynes, crossdressers, traps and Otokonoko.
I also offer 50% discount for commissions with Hope from Final Fantasy and with Link from Legend of Zelda (if he will enough feminized).

List of thing I don't draw:
-guro, feces, urine and vomit
-little children, babies in sexual scenes. Children who looks younger than 14 y.o. I don't do it at all
-portraits of your friends and your pets. I also don't draw porn with you, your pets and your friends
-portraits of celebrities and porn with them. I'm telling you they are offended by such things
-violation where somebody cries, get hurts or terrified. (it don't cause tears of joy)
-Furry. I tried and I didn't like it.

List of thing I will be happy to draw:
-femboy, traps, futanari, feminine boys 
-I really like rule 63, gender-bender and humanization

How to calculate commission price:


You can deal with me, I'm simple person, don't hesitate to do it. If you have little money but you really want to get a picture we can also to figure out something.
If you wrote me a letter and I didn't answer so it might fell into the spam folder or I just didn't notice it. You should write again. I apologize for any possible problems. If you have any questions or suggestions fell free to write to me on tumblr or email (

Special notes:
-I draw only in my own style. If you'd ask "draw me like Alphonse Mucha" it won't happen. I can't do that.
-I don't join to the long-term projects. Because I have my own long and laborious project.

How to pay:
1. Paypal. You pay me one half after I show you a sketch, After I get a half I'll continue to do your commission. When I finish I'll tell you about it and you send me other half. And then you get your picture.
2. Bitcoin. In order to send me the correct amount of Bitcoins you have to know Bitcoin exchange rate to the moment of sending them. To find out how much you should pay you need to convert USD to Bitcoin via online-calculators. Just as with the Paypal you should send me a half at the beginning and other half after finishing. The sum of Bitcoins must comply with the Bitcoin exchange rate on the day of sending funds. For example, if the day is 5th of January 2099 and current Bitcoin exchange rate is 100000000000 USD you should send money at this rate, not 6th January 2099 rate.

Contact me:
There is donate button if you'd like to feed my kitties
There is donate button if you'd like to support me with my comics
 You can learn about my comics here


Friday, October 2, 2015

Hello. As you see I'm trying to become a businessman and always offer something to you. Today I offer you to buy my brushes and other stuff on Gumroad or download them for free. There you can pay a token amount. It would be a donation so I finally could buy Cintiq Companion. I really want this damn Cintiq.