Monday, June 20, 2016


rustfiends 2016

I was advised to write a synopsis/summary/review for the comic. And it’s time to explain what I’m constantly blubbering about here (and elsewhere).

All the events of Rustfiends (this is the name of my comic, yes) take place in near future. This future is so near that nothing really new before the apocalypse has happened yet. No laser guns or futuristic surroundings.
I won’t name the reason for the apocalypse. In Rustfiends you have to fill in the blanks yourself …and learn how filthy your mind is.
The Earth is mostly a desert, and somewhere around Denmark there’s a small island of civilization. A closed state with its own rules and laws. ‘Wildlings’ – people from the outside, including the main characters of Rustfiends – have a hard time entering there.
It all starts with an accidental meeting between the Wastelands Legend Charlotte and young Valentine. Spontaneous and charming Valentine makes Charlotte rethink life’s priorities. But Valentine finds trouble and love and peace doesn’t work out …
But really the plot is secondary. Because the situation is as cliché as it can be. The characters get into trouble with their lives at stake. The main goal of the characters is saving their asses. The beginning is fun and action-packed. It seems that the solution is obvious and the antagonists are really shitty guys. But no such luck.
The main kicker of the story are the characters. I’m going to tell you about them:

Thursday, June 2, 2016

I uploaded all sfw stuff I made for patrons to gumroad.

Hello. I uploaded all sfw stuff I made for patrons to gumroad. It doesn't include nsfw stuff because gumroad policy doesn't allow to sell adult content. But you can always become my patron to receive it. 
This content can't be found anywhere except this pack. There are 12 png files with sketches. File with gradual drawing. And 5 full colored sfw images which were drawn in 2014.

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Friday, April 22, 2016


Hi there. I'm an artist. I do nsfw commissions. If you have any ideas, we can discuss them. Pay attention to the fact, that I do femboy commissions at a lower price. This page contains information on how to take commission.

List of thing I will be happy to draw:
-femboy, traps, futanari, feminine boys 
-I really like rule 63, gender-bender and humanization

List of thing I don't draw:
-guro, feces, urine and vomit
-little children, babies in sexual scenes. Children who looks younger than 14 y.o. I don't do it at all
-portraits of your friends and your pets. I also don't draw porn with you, your pets and your friends
-portraits of celebrities and porn with them. I'm telling you they are offended by such things
-violation where somebody cries, get hurts or terrified. (it don't cause tears of joy)
-Furry. I tried and I didn't like it.

How to calculate commission price:


You can deal with me, I'm simple person, don't hesitate to do it. If you have little money but you really want to get a picture we can also to figure out something.
If you wrote me a letter and I didn't answer so it might fell into the spam folder or I just didn't notice it. You should write again. I apologize for any possible problems. If you have any questions or suggestions fell free to write to me on tumblr or email (

Special notes:
-I draw only in my own style. If you'd ask "draw me like Alphonse Mucha" it won't happen. I can't do that.

How to pay:
1. Paypal. You pay me one half after I show you a sketch, After I get a half I'll continue to do your commission. When I finish I'll tell you about it and you send me other half. And then you get your picture.
2. Bitcoin. In order to send me the correct amount of Bitcoins you have to know Bitcoin exchange rate to the moment of sending them. To find out how much you should pay you need to convert USD to Bitcoin via online-calculators. Just as with the Paypal you should send me a half at the beginning and other half after finishing. The sum of Bitcoins must comply with the Bitcoin exchange rate on the day of sending funds. For example, if the day is 5th of January 2099 and current Bitcoin exchange rate is 100000000000 USD you should send money at this rate, not 6th January 2099 rate.

Contact me:
There is donate button if you'd like to feed my kitties
There is donate button if you'd like to support me with my comics
 You can learn about my comics here


Thursday, February 4, 2016


A year ago I thought of it as of a pro-LGBT, pro-feministic, and pro-politically-correct comic. It was self-censored due to the public hysteria. That made the storyline super-fucked-up. Ferocious post-apocalyptic invaders wouldn’t rape and among them there were no black people, and women (i.e. all my main characters) became extremely heroic, unrealistically good and surprisingly boring. Bad guys became bad only because they were antagonists. And good guys became good because it was right to. Even though the initial concept was that there are no good or bad guys. Take Valentine, for instance. It’s a boy who was sold to sexual slavery. “Violence-violence trigger-trigger” I even thought to replace it with sending him to peel potatoes for raiders. But come on, this comic is absurd enough without that shit. Why violence is accepted in comic but not in illustrations? Because violence in a comic is a part of a story where the reader understands that shit is happening and what happens to the victim afterwards. But an illustration leaves the consequences behind the scene and the reader sees only exciting forced sex where the victim is dehumanized. But that’s a different story. As for Valentine. I’ve changed Valentine hundreds of times under the influence of self-censorship, realizing that the more I do it the less I like him (and the whole story). At first he was “small”, I created him as an absolute fan service character for porn pages. But then he grew younger and became a “camp follower”, hentai and fan service were left behind. As a result he turned into an absolutely boring boy, whose presence in a comic was hard to explain. Afterwards I discovered my own opinion under this pile of shit (which was my job). What a hell these potatoes are doing in a post-apocalyptic anti-utopia? I asked myself: what kind of Valentine you’d fall in love with, my little inner Ulrik? An independent teenager who says he’s 18. He looks too girly. Dances in lingerie in front of a mirror and flirts with men only because it’s the only behavior pattern he knows. Because all his conscious experience was from invaders filling him with cum. Most of all Valentine loves his new ever terrible life, as there is this weird guy John Doe. Valentine loves him with all his teenage love and tries to gain his goodwill as well as he can, and sacrifices himself. But Valentine doesn’t know that life is a string of break-ups, and there are no Johns who can’t be
replaced. His John is the one and only to him. He’s gonna wipe his beloved’s blood snot and make senseless sacrifices, sometimes by sacrificing the ones who really love him. There’s nothing like loving a beast.
I almost forgot to mention that this character first of all touches upon the transgender problem. What can possibly influence our self-realization and why most of us dislike being in our own body without F64.0. But this is a different story.

Ссылка на пост на русском >>тык<<

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Блог на Русском.

I started blog in Russian. If you're Russian-speaking you're welcome. Something of it will be translated into English and posted in "Rust fiends" blog or blogspot.
Ребята которым сложно переносить ошибки в тексте лучше конечно не заходить.  А еще там будет вся нелегалочка потому, что политика вордпресс позволяет.
Скоро еще заведу блог на татарском. Игътибарыгызга рэхмэт.