Saturday, January 11, 2014

This is my new tumblr. Support don't respond to me so I had to make new one. Due to new strange tumblr policy I don't

think that I will need tumblr again. So I decided to use this account for hentai, sketches, doodles and other hentai

related pics. Also, I'll probably use this as a personal blog and you will see photos of my cute kitties. I won't be

able to post all my works in the tumblr. Abuse bot is so uncontrollable sometimes so he ban all blogs in a row,

especially if it has many followers. So I can't be sure I won't be banned again.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

commission (November)

tera, hentai, rule 34, futanari, futa, tera 34


Hello. I have some news for you.
Long continued poll come to the end. Valentina has won. But since the march of last year (when poll was started) my interests and wishes has changed. I promised the comics. I'll keep one's promise, but I'll change the plot. I mean changes are pretty big. It's post-apocalyptic dystopia now. But I promised Valentina, so she's one of main characters.

I don't think plot is so cool. It's just retrofuturistic madness with tits, power girls... and Valentina. I don't think that you'll be dissapointed. There also will be hentai issues.
Another news. I just started to make my official page. There will be complete gallery, doodles, print selling and maybe some holiday postcards. These are my plans.
This idea I've got after I was banned on tumblr and this is my third news. If anyone succeeded getting unbanned in tumblr let me know please)