Wednesday, November 11, 2015


When I thought about the composition of the characters I made them based on some clichés. Because it’s fun to use clichés. What I noted for myself at the time it’s the fact that I shouldn’t be totally serious. But the first composition of the characters was indecent serious.
Charlotte, a woman tank, lonely road warrior and the legend of the wasteland, the terror of all post-apocalyptic people.
Valentine (it was he, not she at the time and she had face of Ellen Page haha). She served as an engineer and concurrently she was a moe.
John Doe is a handsome guy who lost his memory and later his mind. Losing memory… it is so banal.
Betty wasn’t well considered character based on my friend.
A woman with no legs who had mechanical animal legs, but she mostly was in a wheelchair. I think now that it was great that I decided to add disabled character. But I couldn’t cope significant description of the life without legs and also I couldn’t do that with humor and avoiding triggers. Besides, I rejected the idea of doing this comics too dramatic and decided to do it more trashy. It should be outrageous to the limit so it wouldn’t be vulgar.
After conversation with a friend I decided to put someone completely insane and real scumbag to the comics. Woman with mechanical legs was replaced to the… MADISON.
At first this character looked like this. It was the concept of the concept. She’s quite marginal subject and eventually it turned out that the most recent added character has become the key character.

Monday, November 2, 2015

second version of Valentine’s face

This is the second version of Valentine’s face when he still was she. One day I woke up and thought that this character should be as pretty as characters of final fantasy. But then I realized that it isn’t suitable for Valentine. Yes. It still wasn’t the final concept, I was constantly redo everything and dig up all around with the question, “Hey dude, can boy be a Moe? What is he like? Maybe he shouldn’t be a boy at all?” I would like to know your opinion too. Because it’s really interesting.
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Saturday, October 31, 2015


This is another first concept of one of the characters. At the time I didn’t know in what style to draw a comics. It was almost two years ago. And her appearance has hardly changed since then. (This is the only character whose appearance has hardly changed from the original version) Now she looks more menacing, wears leather jacket and never smiles.Her name is Charlotte. She’s pretty strange and grotesque character. I think she is my favorite character. I’ll write more about her in the following posts where the concept is closer to the final result.It would be cool if you will ask leading questions because I was not very articulate when it comes to describing the comics and characters. <<blog about comics

Friday, October 2, 2015

Hello. As you see I'm trying to become a businessman and always offer something to you. Today I offer you to buy my brushes and other stuff on Gumroad or download them for free. There you can pay a token amount. It would be a donation so I finally could buy Cintiq Companion. I really want this damn Cintiq.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Hello. I’m starting my blog about comics. I’ll start from the beginning.
One day I accepted the challenge and decided to draw comics. I wanted to draw porn comics and started the poll with the characters. I was very confident.
The poll lasted for a year. During this time I have redefined the concept of comics and decided to do a story through which I can tell about everything I think. Post-apocalyptic Earth became the background of the story. It came by itself.
First character appeared through my hellish suffering. His appearance and face changed constantly (until today). And all of it was wrong. It was Valentine. Now her (or his) concept is ready (I hope). This is the very first version of her (or his) appearance.
My specialty is pornographic pictures with futanari, traps or young feminine boys. So Valentine was some kind of trap. It seemed to me that the image of mushy trap is not tragic enough and too sexualized. It was a head-on solution to make very pretty trap and enjoy the fact that everyone likes him. I decided to do it more difficult and made him a little more complex character. And I was too carried away by the process. This is one of the first concept of Valentine.
This picture has a fragment of NSFW. If you want to see the whole picture please welcome to my Pixiv.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

This is picture that my patrons got in August. You can become my patron for 10$ to receive monthly exclusive content. In addition to that you will also get my sketches. And also you will help to release my doujinshi faster.

Friday, September 4, 2015


This is my first public comics in hentai genre. It's not too long and drawn in an unusual style for me. And it's almost finished.
The problem is that now I have to do commissions to raise some money and I don't have time to do comics and my main project. Therefore, I urge you to support me on patreon. After reaching 500$ a month I will post my mini-comics in public access.
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I'll be very grateful for your help.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015