Monday, June 20, 2016


rustfiends 2016

I was advised to write a synopsis/summary/review for the comic. And it’s time to explain what I’m constantly blubbering about here (and elsewhere).

All the events of Rustfiends (this is the name of my comic, yes) take place in near future. This future is so near that nothing really new before the apocalypse has happened yet. No laser guns or futuristic surroundings.
I won’t name the reason for the apocalypse. In Rustfiends you have to fill in the blanks yourself …and learn how filthy your mind is.
The Earth is mostly a desert, and somewhere around Denmark there’s a small island of civilization. A closed state with its own rules and laws. ‘Wildlings’ – people from the outside, including the main characters of Rustfiends – have a hard time entering there.
It all starts with an accidental meeting between the Wastelands Legend Charlotte and young Valentine. Spontaneous and charming Valentine makes Charlotte rethink life’s priorities. But Valentine finds trouble and love and peace doesn’t work out …
But really the plot is secondary. Because the situation is as cliché as it can be. The characters get into trouble with their lives at stake. The main goal of the characters is saving their asses. The beginning is fun and action-packed. It seems that the solution is obvious and the antagonists are really shitty guys. But no such luck.
The main kicker of the story are the characters. I’m going to tell you about them:

Thursday, June 2, 2016

I uploaded all sfw stuff I made for patrons to gumroad.

Hello. I uploaded all sfw stuff I made for patrons to gumroad. It doesn't include nsfw stuff because gumroad policy doesn't allow to sell adult content. But you can always become my patron to receive it. 
This content can't be found anywhere except this pack. There are 12 png files with sketches. File with gradual drawing. And 5 full colored sfw images which were drawn in 2014.

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