Saturday, November 26, 2016

Commission info.

Hey everyone. I’m an artist and I draw NSFW. If you’ve got any ideas we can discuss them. Pay attention that fullcolored commissions with femboys are cheaper than the others at the moment.

This is the page about how to order a commission.

What I draw:
Femboys, traps, otokonoko, feminine boys. I don’t mind drawing something else, but femboys are the main thing.

What I don’t draw:
Lolli, shota, babycon, copro, piss, vomit, swf concepts to others' projects, brutal rapes, guro, suffering, blood, women humiliation in sexual scenes, dominance over women, portraits, famous (existing) people in sexual scenes, i don’t draw in other styles, you and your friends in sexuals scenes or in any other scenes, pets, caricatures, school uniform. 

How to calculate the price of fullcolored pic:

* This doesn’t mean you should limit yourself with three characters only, it means that every other character will cost +30$.

How to pay:
I accept PayPal and Bitcoin. You pay the half after I send you a quick sketch - the corrections are free on this point. Then I send you the lineart that you approve so I could continue working. Any corrections of lineart is +5$. So I’d recommend to pay attention to the details. After I’m finished I send you the preview and wait for the second half of the payment. Correction here cost +5$ also. After the payment you get the finished work.

At the moment I’m doing two types of commissions only: fullcolor and sketch.

Sketches examples:

I don’t do swf commissions in my major style, but not with sketches. How to calculate the sketch price:

* Sketches with femboys are of the same price like any other sketches

If you ordered a sketch, I send you a fast sketch, you pay the full price and after that get a complete pic. Corrections are free of charge.


You can deal with me, I'm simple person, don't hesitate to do it. If you have little money but you really want to get a picture we can also to figure out something.
If you wrote me a letter and I didn't answer so it might fell into the spam folder or I just didn't notice it. You should write again. I apologize for any possible problems. If you have any questions or suggestions fell free to write to me on tumblr or email (
Contact me:
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Full colored commissions are closed

Sketch commissions are closed